Your Self Involvement Is Intruding On My Narcissism


by David Todd McCarty | Thursday, August 27, 2015


I can’t stand people who only talk about themselves.

Why should I be concerned about your life, your kids, your needs, your fears, when I have so many other issues to be annoyed by? It’s a little selfish if you ask me.

I don’t want to offend anyone, but seriously, what we really need are more people who are sensitive to the feelings of others. Maybe take a break from your silly problems for a minute to reflect on the ongoing hell that is my life as I try to navigate a world full of people who only think of themselves. It’s crazy, right? I can’t be the only one who feels this way.

Take Facebook for instance.

Do we really need to read another post from some blowhard who believes he knows better than everyone else? “I don’t like this. I like this. You should think this way. Your an idiot.“

It gets old right?

Here’s the thing about your self-involvement that is annoying me.

None of us care about your stupid theories. We don’t care whether or not you like dogs, vote, mail greeting cards or hate the fiddle. We don’t care about your baby pictures, whether or not you think nipples are harmless, if you think Bernie Sanders is the second coming, or whether guns in the hands of rednecks are a bit of problem.

And frankly, we’re all just a little tired of your attitude. It stinks.

Here’s a little advice, free of charge.

Keep it to yourself. No one is interested.

It’s good to get it out, but you don’t have to share everything. Write it down in a journal and put it on a shelf. Not everything idea you have is worth everyone else’s time. Sometimes, less is more.

Nothing worse than someone who not only doesn’t shut up, but is only concerned with themselves.

Maybe you should get off Facebook and try Twitter for awhile. That 140 character restriction should help confine you for a bit.

In the meantime, take a valium and give us all a break.

I have my own problems to worry about.

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I'm a writer, director, photographer, cinematographer and art director. A little bit of everything, all rolled into one. I'm a creative guy so it's not unusual to be a bit of a crank and particular about....well, everything. I'm a professed slacker with a pension for excessive creative output.


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