The Life and Adventures of Steve : Volume One

Steve Book Cover 3

“Escape From Venice”

by Myles and Maura | Monday, August 22, 2016

A few weeks before Steve was born, his parents Marley-Cat and Mako were setting off from Venice, Italy in search of a secret island that they could name after their son when he was born. They imagined a life of surfing on the beach.

The Government of Venice refused to let them leave because Marley-Cat was going to have a baby, but Mako ignored them and snuck out in the middle of the night with their crew and set sail in search of their island.

The reason the Government didn’t want Marley-Cat leaving was because she was the Queen of Italy and she was pregnant with a kitten who would one day be heir to the throne. When the Venetian Government learned that Mako and Markey-Cat had escaped in the middle of the night, they sent out ships with instructions to board Mako’s ship and take Marley-Cat back to Venice.

A few weeks into the trip, the lookout spotted a Venice-flagged attack ship. This frightened everyone and Mako ordered the crew to get to the cannons. As the attack boat drew near, Mako told Marley-Cat to get into the Captain’s Quarters and wait till the battle was over.

The Captain of the attack boat stepped out and said that they had to hand over Marley-Cat or they would attack the ship and take her. But Marley-Cat didn’t care, she wanted the special island she was hunting for to be her kitten’s very own island. As the Captain continued shouting to the ship, he was suddenly stopped. One of Mako’s crew members had snuck over to the Venice attack ship and killed him.

Everyone pointed weapons at each other when suddenly a cannonball hit the Venice ship. That’s when things got crazy. Mako’s crew jumped from their ship to the Venice ship to defeat the enemy crew. When the dust cleared most of the Venice crew was dead or had their hands tied. But some of Mako’s crew including Mako himself were quite bruised up. Luckily Marley was a nurse so she took care of them and they continued on to the island.

Three days later, Steve was born. Almost instantly he was taught how to use swords, flintlocks, and cannons. A few weeks later Mako died on the ship trying to protect it from another attack from the Venetian Government. He was shot twice and cut badly. Marley-Cat tried to save him but his injuries were just too much. It was a sad time.

After he died, the ship was mostly quiet for a time, unless one of the crew members was teaching or playing with Steve. A few days later Steve was sleeping in a crib when Marley-Cat burst through the door.

“Steve, Steve,” she whispered softly. “We’re here! We found the island!”

His head slowly popped up. He couldn’t speak or meow yet, but he could understand English/Meowing.

When Steve stepped outside he saw the most beautiful thing he ever thought he would ever see. He was born and raised on a ship, so seeing grass, trees, and animals roaming was an amazing change for him. Steve was taught all about the island he was going to inherit.

“Your father and I spoke many times before he passed, and we decided that the island would be named Stevia, after you.” Marley-Cat said. Steve could see the excitement in her eyes. Steve bobbed his head up and down that he understood.

The ship’s crew flooded onto the island. After they got the lay of the land, they began chopping down trees, making mines, and began building a small kingdom for the crew and Steve to live in.

A month passed and they had made a village of 20 houses from wood and stone.

Then a terrible thing happened. Marley-Cat died tragically. It was never clear what happened to her but some believed she had eaten a poisonous berry.

Unfortunately, the crew was too busy to take care of Steve. Many volunteered but Marley-Cat’s sister Ping, who was the new leader, said that the crew members already had their own jobs to do and Ping couldn’t take care of Steve because she was busy leading the people.

Just as they were trying to figure out what to do, the Venice Government ships showed up again. Ping explained to them that both Mako and Marley-Cat had died, but she agreed to give them Steve because no one could take care of him anyway and Stevia was no place for a kitten to all alone.

Ping told Steve that he would be going to a place called Rome and that he would be able to come back and rule Stevia when he was old enough. Ping also told him that he would meet his Uncle Riley who would be waiting for Steve in Rome.

So Steve set sail, once again, but this time for Rome.

Stay tuned for Volume No.2 when we learn what becomes of Steve.

“The Life and Adventures of Steve” are written by Myles and Maura Chadwick, who are 11 and 9 respectively. They currently live with their mother, also a writer and magazine editor, in Cape May, NJ, along with Steve the cat, who has provided many hours of entertainment and inspired this series.

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