Divided We Fall

by David Todd McCarty | Wednesday, October 25, 2017

It’s nice to see the Republicans in disarray, fighting amongst themselves and seemingly unable to govern. It’s good to know that they are so dysfunctional that they come across as completely ineffectual. Unfortunately, they’re still doing quite a lot of damage, and rather than focusing on rebuilding the party, developing an effective platform and determining a new message, Democratics are fighting amongst themselves. Mainly Hillary supporters versus Bernie supporters. It’s bullshit.

There is no real leadership in the Democratic Party. No one to get behind. We have a bunch of the old guard, defending their ground, and refusing to change. We have angry people on the Left (here I thought all Democrats were on the Left), sick of the status quo and looking for change.

This is probably not new I guess. There are always different factions pulling one direction or another.

Personally, I’m a pretty far left Progressive. I think that’s a fair statement. I think government can be an instrument of good. I think it should act as a representative of the people, and not business interests. I think it needs to act as a watchdog to protect us from unbridled greed. And I think it has a crucial role in maintaining infrastructure, national security and general safety for all its citizens.

I think healthcare should be considered a right, and that no one should profit from you being sick.

I think that a totally free market will produce unchecked greed and frightening safety issues for the general public.

I think our military spending is outrageous and that we need to stop starting wars.

I think our justice system is horribly broken, our police departments have become over-militarized, and that we have built a for-profit prison system that needs criminals to grow.

I think our entire society is entrenched in institutional racism, and that the white ruling class is reluctant to admit there is a problem.

I think women are still considered second class citizens, and that we have not done enough to remedy the problem.

My list doesn’t end there, but that’s a good place to start.

The United States of America is built on a two party system. Because only 60% of all eligible voters bother to vote, only about 25% of the population actually choose any one given candidate. That means, that in effect, at any given time, only 25% of Americans voted for the President in office.

If that weren’t bad enough, because of the electoral college, we have less populated states with a far outsized impact on the election, than is due their size. For example, residents of the three least-populated states — Wyoming, Vermont, and North Dakota — have one congressional representative for every 200,000 people, while those in the three states with the highest population — California, Texas, and New York — have only one congressional member for every 670,000 people. That is not representative of the country.

Add to that the Republican’s long view strategy of domination State Legislatures and Governships with the aim of gerrymandering Congressional districts to benefit their party. This means than in House elections, the candidate with the most votes, does not necessarily win the seat. They’ve rigged the elections to favor the Republican candidates.

So where do we stand?

We have a Democratic Party in need of strong leadership and we have infighting in the ranks.

My solution?

Everybody needs to get it together and push these bastards outs. We need to become Party loyalists. We need to fight for better candidates, but support the candidates that prevail. We need to get involved in the Party and not just complain about it. We need to find common ground. I can’t believe that even biggest Hillary hater out there wouldn’t stand with her over Trump at this point. If not, they should be drummed out of any involvement. Fuck ‘em. Vote for the Green party.

We need a new agenda.

We need better ideas.

We need younger candidates.

We need better messaging.

We need to be united.

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