Getting The Band Back Together

by David Todd McCarty | Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Maybe I’ve come up with a sustainable use for the Angry Dave plaform, and especially the podcast. To promote a progressive political agenda, specifically though working with the Democratic Party to affect change not only with a local message, but statewide and of course nationally.

I know some people have responded with a resounding, “Duh.”

I’ll be honest with you, it never really occurred to me before. Sure, politics was part of who I am, but it’s gotten more serious lately. Less bitching. More policy.

I still have trouble just ranting into the microphone by myself. I need a foil. Someone to complain to, to bounce ideas off of, to react to if nothing else. I don’t know who that person is going to be and it probably won’t be just one person. I don’t like relying on other people’s schedules. I want to create and I need to be able to do when the muse hits me. So, it will most likely be a on call-in basis, or when people are available.

I guess I have to put my big boy pants on and try to talk into the microphone all by myself.

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