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So you want to write for the Angry Dave Trading Post?

We’re currently accepting submissions for Short Humor and Personal Essays. This is the Angry Dave Trading Post, not the Mommy Blog, so a sarcastic, sardonic tone works best. We like to look at the world through a cynical, yet funny, lens.


We’re looking for pieces that cover current events, pop culture, entertainment, relationships, religion, politics and lifestyle, in a satirical or humorous way.

There is really no set rule on length, but generally between 750-1500 words. If it’s funny and captivating, but doesn’t quite fit that mold, that’s fine too. It’s also not Buzzfeed, or the Huffington Post. Not only do we not have anywhere near their audience, we don’t give a shit what Kanye thinks about Clinton’s email server.

The style tends to be satirical, snarky or otherwise irritated, but the humor still has to be there. Nothing sexist or racist. Political humor is fine as long as it’s not mean-spirited.


Essays can be really any length as long as they’re interesting but generally no more than 2,500 words. Just remember, this isn’t The Atlantic. We’re not doing long-form journalism here. These are short essays that have a strong personal opinion. They can be on any subject as long as you’re passionate about it and the reader is entertained.


If you have a piece you think would fit, fill out the form below or email a PDF or DOC file of your work to, and also include the piece in the body of the message. If we like it, we’ll publish it.

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