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Steve Book Cover 3

“Escape From Venice”

by Myles and Maura | Monday, August 22, 2016

A few weeks before Steve was born, his parents Marley-Cat and Mako were setting off from Venice, Italy in search of a secret island that they could name after their son when he was born. They imagined a life of surfing on the beach.

The Government of Venice refused to let them leave because Marley-Cat was going to have a baby, but Mako ignored them and snuck out in the middle of the night with their crew and set sail in search of their island.

The reason the Government didn’t want Marley-Cat leaving was because she was the Queen of Italy and she was pregnant with a kitten who would one day be heir to the throne. When the Venetian Government learned that Mako and Markey-Cat had escaped in the middle of the night, they sent out ships with instructions to board Mako’s ship and take Marley-Cat back to Venice.

A few weeks into the trip, the lookout spotted a Venice-flagged attack ship. This frightened everyone and Mako ordered the crew to get to the cannons. As the attack boat drew near, Mako told Marley-Cat to get into the Captain’s Quarters and wait till the battle was over.

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